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Service Offerings

Improving organizational performance while leveraging organizational strengths- that simple! Below is a snapshot of our services.

Meeting Design

  • Facilitate strategy sessions, retreats, large/small scale meetings, and focus groups
  • Design a structured process and agenda
  • Lead process improvement efforts
  • Customize designs for conference, summit, and forums
  • Conduct team building sessions

Strategic Planning

  • Conduct organizational assessments
  • Clarify mission & vision
  • Establish goals and objectives
  • Develop a strategic plan document

Learning & Development

  • Design & delivery of customized training programs
  • Develop innovative learning solutions 
  • Provide various delivery modes (web-based, blended learning, and instructor-led)

Performance Consulting

  • Identify organizational and performance needs and gaps
  • Determine skills, knowledge, and behaviors for desired outcomes
  • Utilize various assessment tools
  • Conduct needs analysis and design efforts aimed at improving staff relations
  • Enhance programs that improve employee engagement

Cultural Competency

  • Link diversity and inclusion to business and organizational strategy
  • Create strategic approaches to recruit, develop, and retain a diverse and constantly changing workforce
  • Develop and implement strategies designed to increase racial, ethnic, and culturally diverse program participants
  • Conduct diversity audits and implement various intervention methodologies