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Consultation Approach

faciliation 2.JPEG We believe that it’s important that there be a good fit and a trusting relationship in order to move us in the right direction. Below are the four steps that we follow in order to achieve this relationship. We hope you like our approach.

STEP 1: The Consultation
Your first contact with us will include a telephone consultation, where we'll get to know a little about the scope of your needs, desired outcomes, time frame, etc. Then, we'll set a date and time for your consultation to review your project in more detail and help you visualize the possibilities. This meeting typically lasts an hour and we can meet either by phone or in person.

STEP 2: The Design
After the initial consultation, we will prepare a draft design process and share with you to ensure that we’re on target. This may take some back and forth as we review, makes edits, and come to agreements but once we’ve agreed on this piece it then becomes our roadmap for the successful completion of our work as related to your need.

STEP 3: The Delivery
Then, we'll work with you to ensure a smooth delivery, as promised.

STEP 4: The Conclusion
Last, we'll evaluate the experience, get your feedback, and wrap up loose ends.