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MJH Consulting is consulting firm that provides consulting and facilitation services in an effort to maximize workforce diversity, learning, and performance. We specialize in meeting design, strategic planning, customized training programs, diversity audits, and process improvement efforts.

Our Business Philosophy

We structure all sessions and meeting agendas to generate high participation, creative learning, and winning results while working closely with you to ensure desired outcomes and successful outcomes. Above all, we tailor the process to fit your needs and desired outcomes.

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Our Guiding Principles

  • We believe in putting aside "the known" and "thinking outside of the box".
  • We believe in creativity, innovation, and imagination.
  • We believe in building on strengths.

Doing Business with Us

We offer tailored solutions to your organizational challenges. We work with you to bring focus to your unique situation and organizational needs. We look carefully at organizational performance and offer curriculum design, leadership development, meeting facilitation, and assessment tools as options.